MEI provides environmental hazard evaluation services for the home, business, school and industry.
Lead, Mold and Radon are the most common hazards encountered and the easiest to evaluate.
MEI also provides worker safety air monitoring and other environmental services.

Little known environmental facts:
Old houses in good condition will usually pass the stringent EPA/HUD lead-based paint hazard guidelines defining when an area is safe to occupy. Only when a home has been neglected will the paint debris accumulate and result in high lead levels.

Mold is ever present. Moisture activates mold growth. Controlling humidity and moisture will control mold growth. Bleach is the most common solution to eradicating mold growth concerns.

Testing for Radon-in-Water is only recommended if you have a water well and your Radon-in-Air tested high. Otherwise Radon-in-Water is not likely to be a concern.

We are living in a more complex world surrounded by chemicals, waste streams and pollution. Yet we are going to live longer. Take the time to know your exposure.